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This campaign is to bring awareness to the woman in us and raise funds to support young women in Cameroon to have a purposeful life . It is also aimed at starting up small businesses for young women back home in Cameroon to enable them get a better life for themselves and family.
$100 donation will go along way to start up a business and give them a purposeful life ….

Donate today and make a difference.
One Woman One Nation


Campaign: Against skin bleaching

Campaign: Against skin bleaching
Theme: My Black is Beautiful

This is a campaign to stand against skin bleaching .
My goal is to teach young woman about the love of who they are and to cherish and adore their melanin God given skin. Every woman is beautiful in their own way . Just a little more attention will make magic.

The disturbing truth is that we live in a world in which privilege or pain are served out in accordance to the color of one’s own skin… What is the role we are to play to dismantle this lie,that dark skin, black skin, is not beautiful or worthy of care and respect?”

Our society dictates the definition of beauty. Have you ever experienced colorism? It’s the favoring of lighter skin over darker tones. We don’t have to look too far to notice the realities of colorism everywhere.My black is beautiful , I’ll never forget a conversation I had with a young black girl at a summer camp visited .

She hated the shade of her skin. It was a warm brown tone, like mine. But she wanted her skin to be lighter, golden, like her two sisters. My heart broke. Somehow the stories and examples surrounding her fed her this lie that melanin was bad and dark skin was ugly.The whole spectrum from golden hues to black run through the DNA of my family. Colorism was not something that my family promoted. Our skin, no matter the shade, was to be cherished because it was a gift from our Creator.

Dark as I may be, I’m beautiful .What is the role we are to play to dismantle this lie, that dark skin, black skin, is not beautiful or worthy of care and respect? We must become aware of the daily realities protruding from this lie. Then we can participate in unveiling the truth, by appreciating shades of skin that look different than our own.

Appreciating black beauty. Embracing the whole of diversity in the colors of the human race.

Author: Roy Mamah for skin care campaign

Credit: Soffli